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January 8, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Huh? Whad’ya say? Speak up er turn down the dang music! Good; I love documentaries, especially about artists and their work…….but geez, the mixing of audio – yikes – though I like the music picked for the movie and the respective scenes, some of the sound mixing is terrible….in many of the scenes you can barely hear the artist or interviewee because the music or what should be background music or sound is way too overpowering. I’m very forgiving because I’m interested in the subject, but some viewers may find it too distracting at…

Anonymous says:

A MUST SEE Documentary on a Talented Artist, Robert Cenedella

Anonymous says:

It stimulated a lot of thought in several areas: 1.) it revealed a the broad cross-section of people in the ‘art world’ that you don’t normally see, from museum directors to magazine editors to investment directors to sociologists, who all lament the compromise of art on-camera, waiting for someone to remedy it (or they cash-in on and benefit from the compromise off-camera); 2.) what you are up against as an artist, and 3.) (for me) the current clueless mindset of humanity at work in the art…

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