For What It’s Worth

January 21, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Extraordinary Cinematograpy/Excellent Acting Firstly, the trailer for the film is very misleading in my opinion. I watched this film believing it was a thriller and that it is not. Overall, it was a decent indie film. The lead actor’s performance was dry and lacked emotion (unless that was on purpose) but the rest of the cast did pretty well. I didn’t quite understand the ending but maybe I missed something along the way. Kept me entertained and wondering how the story would turn out and although it didn’t end as I expected which is…

Anonymous says:

I’m not sure what movie the other reviews were talking about but it sure isn’t this. It’s a padded hour and a half film with mediocre scenery shots, blown out medium close-ups, and unnaturally saturated lighting. I get when movies do it usually but for a realistic indie drama it just took me out.The story is trying to be a romance and sorta thriller but doesn’t succeed at being either. Sunny’s creepiness is never explored and the relationship never has any stakes to it. The…

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