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A surprising gem I rented this on Netflix, and immediately turned around and bought it from Amazon — it was that good. When the disc arrived two days later, I watched it again and it was just as good the second timeA reviewer of an unrelated film wrote “why can’t US film makers give us a gay romance film in which romantic emotions and physical acts come across in such a way that we, the audience, can SEE and FEEL the passion….the tenderness….the closeness between two men?” That’s…

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Unusual city versus country conflict theme – acceptable to watch This is a story with character archetypes. There’s the high-drama, twink boyfriend. There is a mysterious wise, check forging, country sandal maker who prizes not defining himself or anyone else. The sandal maker has also just ended his last relationship with a woman who is leaving the woods. The son, of the not so dearly departed father, has many issues. There is even a world wise, middle aged, independent female buddy puppeteer who adds to the psychological discussions of the movie…

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