Luxury Golden Chinese Ming Dynasty Emperor Style Dragon Play Jade Ball Fountain Pen Fine Tip

December 22, 2018 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Beautiful pen, well constructed, heavy (see review for weight comparison) First impressions are good . The pen feels solid but as other’s have said it’s heavy (83.7 grams or 3 ounces.) That doesn’t mean much when you’re shopping online so dig around in your pockets, couch, car, etc. and find 15 quarters. Hold those in your hand and you’ll have an idea of the weight of this pen. It seems to be constructed well. As others have said the nib is small in comparison tho the barrel but because of how wide the dragon overlay is it looks like it tapers down so it doesn’t…

Anonymous says:

I really like this pen! I absolutely love this pen. So to get started, lets clarify what is the size point of the nib? The listing says fine, the community says medium or fine. Well the nib is labeled as fine, but for comparison it is not as fine as say the pilot metropolitan, but it is also not as medium as the Jinhao 1200 (gold pen with dragon & red eyes). So it lands somewhere in the middle of those two and you can see the difference in the picture that I’ve added. It’s slightly bolder than the fine, yet not as…

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