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Extremely impressive I hadn’t heard much of this band when I first got “Blurry face.” As such, the first few times I heard it, I thought it was just bizarre. “Is this supposed to be hip-hop? Reggae? Is that a freakin’ UKELELE!?” I was rather disappointed at first, but after a few listens, the confusion I had initially felt was replaced by a feeling of “I actually don’t care what genre this is supposed to be, because these songs are all great.” I was really looking forward to this, and, even though I’ve only…

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Engrossing Musical Evolution I hear a few dissenters out there who are dismissing this album as “rushed” or a “creative misstep”. I completely disagree. I think some people who like the music of Twenty One Pilots don’t realize that this band isn’t a pop party song band. Yes, Vessel and Blurryface were heavy with pop sensibility and “up” melodies. But if you think that’s all that is going on in those albums, you are truly missing out on what this band is about. There is a lot of depth to these guys, and the music they…

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Great cd!

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